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Introducing Art+Cook:  BeyondCool's exciting new range of kitchenware gadgets and accessories. 

Art+Cook = Intelligently designed must-have kitchenware. 

BeyondCool are excited to announce the addition of the Art+Cook range of kitchenware gadgets and accessories to our brand portfolio.  Art+Cook offers contemporary, stylish, beautifully designed and re-invented "every day" items for the kitchen. Their products are beyond quality and function - they are also inspiring and interesting pieces of art and design. 

From vegetable peelers, pizza wheels, potato mashers and garlic presses to dessert scoops and egg yolkers, citrus reamers, whisks and spatulas, the Art+Cook range has it all.

However Art+Cook have done it differently, turning the "boring" into "beautiful and interesting".  Art and Cook is a marriage: of function to form, style to quality, innovation to inspiration. Come celebrate that marriage with us.