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PLEASE NOTE: BeyondCool are no longer the Australian distributor for the Sparq range of products.  For all enquiries or to place an order, please contact or visit

SPARQ Home offers a range of unique, quality soapstone kitchen products which are entirely natural, sustainably focussed and made in the USA.

Unlike granite or marble, soapstone is the ONLY non-porous, odourless, tasteless, and natural food-safe stone used in the home. The use of soapstone for its temperature properties is as old as mankind. In fact, it is one of the most effective natural materials this planet produces for conducting and retaining temperature. Why not harness its power for the greater entertaining good?

Originally born out of a soapstone import and fabrication business (kitchen countertops), SPARQ Home is committed to using recycled material exclusively to produce energy efficient, earth friendly, gourmet kitchen products. Drawing on soapstone’s natural properties of maintaining warm and cool temperatures, SPARQ Home's first product was SPARQ Whiskey Rocks.

From its success, SPARQ Home has expanded its soapstone product line to include: indoor/outdoorBBQ griddles, tasting/appetiser plates, pizza stones, shot glasses, coasters and other unique yet functional soapstone kitchenware products.

To view our Soapstone Care & Use Instructions, please click here.