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Zip Zester - the Ultimate Citrus Zester and Cocktail Garnisher

PLEASE NOTE: BeyondCool are no longer the Australian distributor for the Zip Zester range of products.  For all enquiries please visit or Yum Tools.

Zip Zester - because it should look as good as it tastes. Producing high quality citrus zest and peels within seconds.

It's all about the oils - when you use hand zesters and channel knifes you "strike" the citrus. This strike collects bitter white pith, loses flavoursome oils and scrapes the fruit unevenly, not to mention scrapes your knuckles!!  When you spin the Zip Zester, you gently slice the zest without any of the pith or bitterness. The slice delivers flavour packed, quality zest and peels at speed.  No pith, no "ouch" and maximum flavour! 

Click here to find out more about Zip Zester for cocktails and mixologists.  Click here to find out more about Zip Zester for the gourmet chef and foodie.  

Compare the difference - results using Zip Zester on the right, and the usual patchy, pith filled results on the left from other tools.

The Zip Zester is made in the USA and each Zip Zester comes complete with Big Twist Blade, Micro Blade and Stainless Steel Bowl. Additional blades are available separately.