Awesome Fundraising Opportunity for Your School or Community Group

 Are your parents and students sick of the same fundraisers year in year out?

We would like to offer you an alternative this year and an opportunity to easily raise some funds for your school, playgroup or community group while offering a unique and healthy product to your students and community.

Zing Anything Citrus Infusing Water Bottles

Zing Anything brings you a refreshing, unique way to subtly infuse all natural ingredients into your drinks. The infusion of citrus fruits and natural ingredients into water allows it to become a sugar-free, preservative-free flavoured water and reduces the consumption of added sugars and chemicals that are found in water alternatives such as sugary soft drink and juices and sports/energy drinks.  Our bottles are made from high quality BPA/EA-free Titan plastic and are reusable and easy to clean.

 There are several different sizes of Zing Anything water bottle, and your school could earn really worthwhile $$ for each bottle sold. Your school community would be purchasing a healthy, every day essential product that is discounted well below the RRP while your school is earning great fundraising dollars at the same time. It is a WIN-WIN situation that encourages everyone to drink more water.

Mighty Mugs – the Mugs that stand up for you

Mighty Mugs are coffee/travel mugs that don’t fall over – they can’t easily be knocked over at a desk. The first and only mug that won’t fall over when you hit into it, but lifts naturally when you pick it up. Mighty Mugs are equipped with Smartgrip Technology, are leak proof, dishwasher safe and made from high quality BPA-free plastic. 

The BeyondCool School Fundraising Program offers:

  • Personalised Order Form & Price List for your school – with your school name and logo on it, ready to copy and distribute
  • Product Information Sheet – personalised with a message to your school community - ready to copy and distribute
  • FREE Samples of products for display in school office on commencement of campaign so the products and colour options can be viewed by staff, parents and students.
  • For schools ordering and selling more than 500 units per fundraiser, BeyondCool will donate a bonus prize/gift pack for use as a raffle/door prize or fundraising event worth RRP$400

 For further information, to request a product sample or to start raising some great fundraising dollars for your school  please contact BeyondCool on